Love Kills!

Its difficult in love still you understand each other’s internals. What happens at most time is you expect him/her to behave in a way which makes you feel comfortable but due to her natural tendencies she doesnt go by your wishes. You end up thinking that he/she is not interested in you and take your relationship to yet another qualification analysis to check whether it’s really worth to take the relationship forward.

It happened to me yesterday! After a do-for-nothing day in office I had decided to speak up some dear words and make some flirts with my sweet heart. But she didn’t respond at all. When I tried to ring her up she picks up the call and doesnt speak for some reason. I couldnt bear it.! How come I am not supposed to know the reason. A guilty feeling aroused in my mind stating since I should be knowing the reason behind this silence .

Its only her and I am not ready (rather can’t) make up with any other chic in the world!! I tried twice..thrice..Nope still no response! Then had a small stroll thinking about what might have gone wrong in our relationsip. Though its a naive one we had been progressing well last week . A 2 days hiatus came in when I was to home last week end. Even while I was there I was thinking about her only!

I didnt get even a tad clue on what has gone wrong.. Went to bed with a morose mood!Doesnt know how got some sleep. I felt as if I have lost my dreams and purpose of life. I didnt have any interest to see this world today. I had no reason to wake up (Every day when after I wake up my first job is to have a word with her..).I felt a deep stress in my mind and sought solace. I felt like a looser for not knowing the heart of my lady love. In fact its one of the difficult pursuit for even the masters of art but i am supposed to do it.

Somehow I woke up and thought of just trying my luck with her.. Yeah Time has solved the problem..Here I go …. Grub is loading ..stage 1.5 and there at the bottom of the menu is the love of life. I did do some tweaks to get it booted and there it comes my Ubuntu desktop!

Phew all my stress flew away! Yet another time in life I understood why love kills! Its excruciating but the pleasure after the pain makes it worth. But i swear I will get to know her in detail in a years time after which she cant play her pranks with me!

For now the problem is solved and typing from inside her heart!!!!


3 Responses to Love Kills!

  1. I am with my love now!

  2. KM BUBESH says:

    ROBO Deepak falls in love atlast.

  3. Ha ha ha … I got enough scope to stripe tease her and examine each and every part of hers… 🙂 🙂

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