Life at KNBL..My heaven down earth

Long time since i blogged and this fan of mine is so eager to see my blog. Hence comes this blog without any specific motif in mind.

One important reason for not taking the odd road was KNBL. The comfort and warmth of KNBL is hard to find anywhere else. So I couldn’t of staying else where in Chennai unless the return of risks are consummate.

What makes KNBL so special..First and foremost our office room. With three power packed systems with wifi hotspots is beyond any bachelors imagination. We download movies at an average of one per day and watch at an average of 2-3 per week. Though its below my past years average,this year I have Maplai alice Venky @ KNBL who shares his movie wisdom with me. The last time we watched before sunrise and before sunset we had lot of post movie discussions.Infact the week end where we watched those two epics deserves special blogs for itself.

We do have a able CEO in making and lot of management techniques can be learnt from him while he is at action. A typical day in KNBL begins with the CEO trying to make a deal with some one over phone.

If you are near the CEO when starts elucidating the nuances of business (WoW… even now I extracted wisdom from him to handle one of the pressing issues of peerless inc!) you are at your own help.

I have heard other bachelors junkies wondering what to do in week ends and even we have been to offices last year to just pass the time. But now KNBL week ends are heaven! We doesnt feel how it flashes like a lightning with myraid of activities going on. Let me capture a sample. A typical friday evening starts with Chappathi (One thing I hate at KNBL ) and curd rice. By the time we (me and venky) would have cornered two or three movies as targets for the week.

Our CEO would have hired one or two guys to work (bcoz of which our theathre has to shut down for a while). We will discuss imperative things around the dinner (offlate how to implement cost cutting by cutting food to the last two..). The only place where we fight at KNBL is when we had to open the gates for that L(o)ast man at nights.

Saturday ::::: We will feel as if we have too many time left ! So no one thinks of even doing their chores. If you find Gopi washing breaking the rules then be sure to carry an umberella wherever you go. (that myth has never failed…its our patti who found that out.)

Me and Maplai are idli lovers and we will play all sorts of gimmicks to make it our breakfast during weekends. Idli with our cooks chic chicken gravy is our typical saturday break fast.(Once we emptied the gravy container which was meant for lunch too..)

Our Movie express usually starts before or after the breakfast and goes on still lunch. By that time we would have imbibed a movie and I will be trying to lure some friends like froward and ramshackle to watch it (Rarely they can see it…I dont understand why they still show some interest in those to please me :)????)

Here comes the froward..though he doesnt stay with me he stays connected to me. (Wierd I speak most number of words with him than any one else !! May be I will start speaking more with my finance soon). I used to try some games at him and most of them will succeed.

We rarely feel the sun at KNBL as long as the fans are rotating. We have a external director of operations who oversees all our operations in the place of our parents.(Though it cannot be a full complement I still felt it the same way.. ). We get all sorts of comforts from them and no one can ever think of a tenant like us for them and vice versa (he he he !).So by the time we sit for lunch we get some real home made food from PATTI to add with our cook made food. If its not chickent then its Dhall with rasam followed by dahhii…

Imagine a lunch with KNBLites , our friendly employess like froward, copi, lakshmi and any of gopi’s friend around. The enthusiasm and fun we show at KNBL is contagious so that any one who come to our room will envy it.(At present a strict no admission to permanent residence..!! Temporary visitors vis a will be granted on special request after examining the application!). If you get a chance to have a week end lunch at KNBL dont miss it ..You can never get one few years down the line. Its a rare sight where 5 or even more of us sit together and make the whole rice container deplete in 5-10 minutes.
(ha ha ha… typically we race through the lunch.)

The little nap which may be initiated by any of our mokka movies… the walk around the BPCL road..the talk and cake in the coffee shop typically takes you past the evening. Later we sit again for some work in our office room. Our CEO and CO are doing a project now(I escaped from the windows demon…i thank my manager for it)!! I used to date with my sweet heart and try to sue her (Last week I compiled her!! She is very difficult but intersting to understand ..slowly i am making it to her heart..Soon I may tie the knots..) Saturday is cooks we take some crap and keep going on what we do. We never think of sleeping and I am not sure how we get to bed on a saturday night since it happens only on the sunday morning..

OOPPSSS>…. to be continued since its a wednesday morning…!!!! I am also looking to add some colour to this post..Keep watching this space..!! KNBL Inc..! Metro life with a difference!


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