Grammy-01! Present Perfect or Simple Past

Offlate I have been floundering with my english just as I do with my programming. I would like to debug the basic flaws in both of them.Hence I have sorted out a consultant called Grammy to help me with my english. For all those who say envy my english have a look at my newsletter to see how crappy I am!

Without much ado Grammy takes the floor!

Hey Kiddos today we start with the simple past and Present perfect tenses. First lets isolate and excavate them after which we will integrate and compare the study. All that a grammar book can do is just define what is what, but its me the GRAMMY who can help you also to choose which to use when.

Simple Past:

I wrote my exams yesterday. !

Thats as simple as that ..Just a verb in its past form (ed forms..!)

Its always used to indicate an action of the past.Here i list the various situations where you can use simple past.

1.Completed action in the past
I worked in HCL (Kudos! Even now I am at HCL!)

Jokes apart..Here’s the perfect example
I studied engineering in accet . (Again I cant help it …Dont reckon it as an uncompleted action ..assume it to be a completed action)

2.Series of completed action
We do lot of things in a mess and when your project manager wants you to say what you have done you could use it.

I patched up the code , updated the test cases , ran the test cases, found new bugs , filed it in the trac, assigned it against expedient developers and ….. (Even after doing all these he will tell you that we havent done enough for the day. All your deeds are thing of past for him..He is a kinda person who always lives in the future)

Heres the perfect one

I woke up in the morning,brushed my teeth(why shouldnt i use tooth here??) and had my coffee.

Its also a handy one to speak about some actions which has started and stopped in the past.

Now we move on to the present perfect tense. Grammy finds it quintessential to deal with both of these tenses at the same time.

Present Perfect tense
(What an oxymoron Present has never been perfect )

has+have +past participle

Present perfect tense is used to an action which has happened in an unspecified time.

I have seen that movie last week. (Note though I have specified the time its not specific.) (I saw it yesterday becomes simple past)

Are u confused??
Here are some situations where you can use present perfect tense

1. To explicate your experience
I have worked with .net (He never said when … .net had changed many forms over the years.Dont trust this guy and dont use this tense while quoting software experiences..)

2.Change over time.
You have become irresponsible ever since I left you alone.(Perhaps your managers could use this tense often !)

3.An uncompleted action!
I haven’t learnt the nuances of C programming yet.

So the moral of the story is when you say something in simple past you know when you did it but when its in present perfect you are not sure of when it has been done.
Now we are going to compare and contrast both the tenses.!

Present perfect is used when the time period has NOT finished !
I have seen three movies this week.
(This week has not finished yet.)
The simple past is used when the action had been completed completely in the past , that too long ago.

I saw that movie yesterday.

Present perfect tense is used with places where the time is not specific.

I have worked in .net (As I said earlier dont believe this guy..He might have worked on it before MS ever realized their bugs in it)

I worked in .net one year ago(You can trust this guy..He uses simple past!)

Simple past emphasis on action while the present  perfect tense concentrate on the result achieved.

i earned overwhelming response.(Its just an information)

I have earned overwhelming response !(Its actually saying you that I am the monopoly now..You have no other go..You got to follow me.)

Grammy is feeling sleepy! Bye.


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