Juno – A mother with no quest!

And finally i watched my kinda movie..My movie rate is in all time low with venki’s slew of downloads I will try to make atleast two a week. Atleast one should make me excited.!

Now ever since I have heard about the theme (Teenage pregnancy)of this movie I longed to see it. Today Mr.Sam was also by my side and made it more lovable. This movie is all about JunoMacguff, a sixteen odd teen in her high school who was made unholy by her boyfriend. Though initially she wants to get away with the baby she gets a inner desire to see the finger nails of the baby (So weird…I still dont understand what made her change her decision..) Except for that its a damn good feel good movie. However she is aware that she is not ready to bore the motherhood.So she finds a adoption parents for the child.The rest of the movie is all about how her belly expands and things around explodes.

The music tracks are really refreshing and are pleasant to hear. The strength of the movie lies in the characterization and the script. Ellen Page steals the show with her emotional display of the character.

The sarcastic witty dialogues makes the narration smooth and keeps the movie frolic. But at times its over board. One couldnt control his giggles when Juno says to her dad that “Bleek is a real strong person ..atleast in chairs!” . Thats because it was chair where they made up.

Pregnancy at 16– OOPS i didnt know what sex meant by that time. (Ignorance is bliss..I had lot of girlfriends then.). But here on screen I see two teens who make up and the girl is the better of the two chaps. She realises that she had did that “One deed which cannot be undid”.

The scene where she opens the issue to her parents deserves a pause and applause. According to her dad the maximum possible crime could have lead to only an expulsion from school. Though they were shocked they handle it diligently. Especially the step mom was too quick to empathize with Juno and make her feel that she need not feel guilty. “I never knew she could be sexually active ” – Those are the only words she has to say on the incident .

Though there were couple of good scenes with the adoption couples they didnt impress much. When you were thinking about their depth of intimacy watching them plan for their baby ,you are given a surprise by Marks divorce call. As the movie grows Juno’s stomach expands like a balloon . Common ya it looked beautiful. Making a baby,bringing a baby down to earth and watching it grow seems to be fun.

You loose yourself in to the movie as it progresses and I am amazed by the way how simple elements such as pregnancy could be made in to a feel good movie. There were plenty of room for making it a teen movie but the script is well bound to the fact that its a one about teen and not the one with the teen tags.

Few things which i need you to clarify.

1.Why is yellow said to gender neutral?
2.Who sings the background track…Is it a love song or mothers love for the baby?
3.What makes Juno stick back to her boyfriend.

This movie is so emotional.It made be yearn for the days where I can touch one such belle’s belly:)
No joke..This movie is all about love ! A love of a creature for a creature which is yet to come and once the product is delivered the love vanishes and thats the beauty of this movie.
Because there is nothing more to do with the biological connection. With her job done she feels happy and keeps going in her life. She never wants to hear more or see the baby. She hardly remembers what we had watched in her life.

This movie is a must to watch for observing some noble qualities especially from the Juno Bug.

Peerless Quotes:
“When kids get bored they have intercourse “…
“So all these will lead you to an infant like our parents and teachers have”
“I never thought that you could be sexually active”
“I am giving you the gift of your life”

“Baby this is Vanassa…can you hear me..can you?? ” ..I felt the magic … — There we go thats the magical touch ruling this child.

“Normalcy is not supposed to be our style of living”

Junobug I admire you and I love you too…!!! All the best for your graduate days.


2 Responses to Juno – A mother with no quest!

  1. Ashok says:

    I read the review of this movie in vikatan… Heard that it has won oscar…

  2. Ya it has fetched it for the best original screenplay..!

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