Take a chance with dreamers

Came across a empathetic post in which the way things happen at Indian IT industries was summarized. Thats a hard truth and several of my friends and me myself have seen ominous symptoms of the above syndrome occurring to us.

Don’t force the poor guy to work long hours, or come up with ideas on their own and don’t be surprised that if and when he finally does come up with a great idea, quits the company and goes and starts a company on his own

I am also one among those who followed the herd and joined one such livestock where I am loosing my dreams and my aims. Of course the setup doesnt grow wrong always.I have seen few people who are inspired by the goatherd roles and are happy to be groomed for the same. And few other lucky one’s are with able shepherd and are grazing along the right path.

But most of the goats belong to my category. In this case (mm…Applies for all cases) you will be allowed to feed only on places where the goatherd and the (panniyar’s) get ways to fill their pockets.
When you join one such mass you should be ready to feed on anything.If you hesitate/have reservation about your diet life may become difficult without food for you! Slowly you will drain your dreams and become yet another software engineer who works like a rock and for the same reason doesn’t feel anything good about it.

I am not writing this post since I may get a way out of the herd but to make some one in college to feel what life is exactly behind most of this glass prisons. All through my college days I criticized the way education was imparted and cribbed at my duties hoping atleast in a company which technology is said to be innovated and claimed to do all the magic in the world will help me walk through my path.

But sadly slowly I am loosing the path.(But its not a complete failure though…).. When they have failed to give a chance for my dreams I have got an option to be part of someone else dream.

Let me see whether this can be lead to My pursuit of Happyness.


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