Accet .. One of my asset!

It was written two years ago ..You can find it in my old blog..Thought of preserving it here too..

Its where I started to struggle

without my dear ones

All the near ones were new!

And when all the near ones became dear ones

Its where I felt the heaven come down in earth

Those workshops and first year blocks

Will tell me the story of a kid turning in to adult

Its where I grown

The serene and calm roads..

Its where I learned to dream

Those jolly lonely rides

Its where I used to rejoice

Those classrooms which returned void knowledge

Its where I read a lot under the desk

Those pandians and satyans

Its where I celebrated my stars

Those royal and president

Will speak a lot on my royal life

Like the president of America

Those placement meets and figths

Its where I learned the traits both good and bad

And in the last few days after college

Its where I learnt the value of relations

And with Accet times

I learned the hardship of innovation and sustenance

And at last I learnt it to be an enginneering college

Where I havent learnt any engineering


One Response to Accet .. One of my asset!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hmmm…. missing those golden days .. 🙂

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