Start ups!

This Saturday was a tough day out in the sun for me. I had planned to attend the startup lunch and then meet up with Invention labs inventors.
It took me about ten minutes to figure out the Amethyst Drive where the startup lunch was going on. Its being first of its kind in Chennai and makes the event happen. Though the first meeting could have hardly served its purpose it brought together few managers of the startups and heard them speak about their hiring problems.

Hiring is one thing which happens and should happen with utmost care in a startup (Thats the reason I am knocking the door of some startups to gauge my skills and figure out what is required to make it there..).

I was bit late and out of consciousness at the spot so dont treat this blog as a summary of chennai startup lunch. This entry is based on my interest and interaction with startups.

Startups in embryonic stage doesnt look for just another employee, rather they are very stringent on whom to take along them . But certain startups which are in expansion phase are looking for cheap labour and further they are trying to lure and exploit fresh talents in the name of providing startup environment.

And dont ever take some one in because he is cheap. I have seen several guys who wanted to move out and settle for a bigger salary. The discussion during chennai startup lunch was centered on hiring and soaring real estate prices. One of them suggested to take startup lunches to colleges but it was counter acted by other person saying that the explorers should seek out and reach us(Perfectly right!)

They were all speaking about tier-II tier III colleges and being a guy from one such college, I have something to say for them.

“Yes its going to be tough for you to fight along service gangsters, but why dont you conduct some contests in colleges and offer an internship for the winners and expose them to the startup life. In the process you can have some of your work done free of cost and mortals like me from tier-II III IV V can get some hands on experience in what you do!,In the end if he is really fitting your bill he will ask for an offer (Atleast i will do) else let him move on . Its of mutual benefit. The boys final year project might also get ticked in the way.

Spend some time on campuses without the idea of recruting. Ignite the minds there,sow the seeds and dont even think about harvesting forget about yields. If you have really ignited someone they will reach you without you seeking them.

Kindly note that I am writing this from a tier-II college view and it might not fit in to your urban bred and IITS . Never quote time as a factor, it just takes some three or four hours on a week end to do this. Let me know if this is sounds practical!(if so ping me I will take you to my alma matter!)

Sorry I dont have any short term solutions in mind.

My outing with the sun made me dog-tired and I was completely running out of charge.

To be continued.


3 Responses to Start ups!

  1. Vijay says:

    It was nice to catchup with you. Hope we can interact more in the future. Do stay in touch.

  2. Vijay says:

    PS: You might want to fix the CSS for the comments, so that the letters are readable.

  3. peerlessdeepak says:

    Thanks Vijay.. I will fix the CSS issue soon.

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