Laugh till I cry! I wanna cry.

When is the last time you have cried?

Well I am thinking of mine…Did I cry after my GRE debacle..Nigh I sensed it even before I wrote the exam and hence couldnt drive tears.

Did I cry during the last five odd months where I am not able to be what I had been! No again.

Oh! Interesting when is the last time that I let waters out of my eyes. Might have done it occasionally for some sensational movie like The Pursuit of Happyness (I always though of jumping like him with tears on new years eve but it couldnt happen..I aimed to cry that day for a different reason but things got a twist and paved way for tears for the opposite reason).

So when is that last time I cried and I could recollect. Yes I could think of two occasions and both were when I lost my mobiles. I cried because my mom scolded me . I never knew how much it takes to earn what I missed since I never felt that in my days.

So it was almost 1.5 years ago when I missed my mobile in bus I broke in to tears. The other occasion also traces back to a lost mobile during my last trip from college (mm That day I cried about a litre!).

But i want to cry ..I am planning and working to cry but for good reasons. When you get something which you desired and when you consider that to be the purpose and integral part of life you will cry for sure out of happiness. Thats the thing which happened to reel life Chris Gardner, and the reason behind this blog was also one such reel life (Tare zameen par ->when the little boy gets the prize and runs crying to Aamir Khan…I am sure everyone who had watched it would have felt it ..Stand up and salute the makers for it..)

I remember one more occasion..Guess this blog is going to be nostalgic. I remember me shedding tears into the slam books of one of my friends (Night not a girl for sure).  It was sivasu’s and I cried for it because its the relationship with him which reminded me of my heaven at college.

He was not close to me till third year.He became near and even far at times to me because of placements. We used to meet head to head during our morning coffee at submarine , walk all along in the rising sun, tie and remove banners and banters.. He used to be with me during holidays at hostel .

So when recollecting all those It dragged enormous amount of tears (I guess that page would have been affected in his notebook because of it!).

Then anything else! Yes that engineering mechanics arrear came as a storm and I started crying when I broke the news to my Mom and didnt stop for a month I guess (En route’a marri pocchunga!)

But guess how I had grown I didnt even feel a bit when I got one arrear during my prefinal semester (I dont even remember when and for what I got that bravo boy!)

Now I am working hard to cry!I will cry for sure this time

So what can make me cry next.The day when i wire my first device driver

2.The day when I get a job close to my heart?

3.The day when i get in to a good graduate school?

4.When I am recognised among some elite audience for some noble purpose??

There is nothing much satisfying in this world as crying that why we cry to satisfy ourselves when we are not satisfied because of something.

I wanna cry!Let me get ready for it..You cant describe how it feels when you achieve what you want!


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