Ignorance is Bliss

This cliche is so true , hope you can feel the pain of it when you realize it on your own.
If i hadnt aware of how well this guy is blogging technically I wouldnt have stopped pouring my thoughts waiting for a technical blog from me .

If i hadnt read about embedded systems I wouldnt have cursed my career. If I hadnt known about he him and they I will never have aimed for what I failed at once.

In the same way this week Jaypee(You will miss me da / atleast I am missing you!) exposed us to the treat culture (I have a strong hatred for that till now in this life (May be thats because no one called me for a treat since the vice versa was also true)). We payed hefty 12 dollars for a lunch.Perhaps I didnt feel like loosing anything since we our hearts were quite content so I didnt measure it by stomach.

Karthi was meaning The Residency but the miracle book took us to the Residency Towers , a much posh hotel (Ignorance is bliss!!!). Half the hotel is filled with other country people since rupee earners cannot afford it.
Well I have written enough for the title ..Let me break the protocol and fill this potpourri . Since I have been out of frame for a very long time,Its difficult to capture all that happened between the last post and this post. But i could sniff that it is the most important period of life as each and every other stage.

I dreamt big ..Yes I did that right in all parts of my life but with a little delay.IIT dreams came to me only in my eleventh standard. But jumping the GATE came at the right time but its my mistake that I left it drift apart and this MS dream came only after I found that I am being ****ed by *****. (Ignorance here to would have been a bliss but this internet didnt let me ignorant about it).

Complete ignorance is a bliss and partial knowledge is a sin.
And the world is so big so that you can never it completely. So all of us are sinners but the magnitude alone differs.

Hence I decided to be ignorant about certain things which i can take it for granted but I wanted to know what I work at and I should be aware of how it works too!

My interests were widespread since I didnt know anything by depth,Its time to pit stop and learn something to the pit so that I can prepare to a hilt on it. Scheduling,device drivers,embedded applications (Some one should say that s real time else my ego will say thats ****ing job).

Enough said…Time to stop and decide.I have gone too far from who I want to be and cant afford to drift along. Got to sail along the wind.

Even if i cant program my ming I knew its machine language very well. I could feel that the current stack is good devoid of any corruptions. Its time to load and use it for some useful applications.

I am not a gregarious person…Many guys(gals too :() would have preferred to stay away from me.

I am going to fix all those bugs.

Not yet another day in my disgrace!
I wont pay for your mistakes….

Before May I should have started my march towards the gates.


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