The Bucket List

Morgan Free man and Jack Nicholson – Two good men in one shell! That made me fall for the movie even before I could find out what it was all about. Actually I was inclined to catch it up in big screens (A worthy movie in screens after about 5 months… ). But as usual no one seemed to accompany me and me too didnt find time this week to spend half a day till Sathyam. (Missed it).

But no regrets! I had JP by my sides to giggle and chuckle at their wits and also to appreciate the theme of the movie. When you have Morgan Freeman in the cast you always hear his voice over narration before anything else comes up,and this movie is no exception.

The story is pretty lucid and straight forward.Its how two men diagnosed with cancer shares a room in hospital and shares their short life together. They prepare a list of things they should before their time ends and the rest of one hour is a road trip with them.

The two characters were artistically crafted and the two good men stand as reflection of many of our lives. When Freeman speaks about how he had to give up his ambitions for his upcoming family he says
“I always wanted to go back!But forty five years goes pretty fast ” (Oh! God I too dont know how time flashes away..two years out of college…drifting away from my ambitions…)

You get lot of nuggets here and there in the movie from Freeman since he is a voracious reader. Few excerpts.
1.Coffee was discovered by a shepherd in ethopia.
2.Names of American Presidents whose second name starts with H

(Will Update it after I see it again..)

The Bucket list starts like this..
1.Help a complete stranger..
3.Lion Safari
4.Laugh till you cry
5.Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world (Well you cant restrain yourself from being surprised by the way he accomplishes it)
6.Hearing the sound of the mountain.
Thats all i could recollect. Jack/Cole has the money to sponsor for the entire show. They start of their ride by saying that they are the privileged few to know exactly when they will be dead.
Jack Nicholson off late became my favorite actor especially for his body language and pranks.You can take him/his character for granted. He can make you laugh at the same time give you a fright at the very next second. As in real life he doesnt stay long in any relationships in this movie too. He narrates that he has more than four wives and the other hand Morgan was a philistine. He has a nice family and a good wife who had made it for him . (After seeing quite a few movies involving blacks negros look more attractive..)

Once Jack puts up a five point theory which posts that there are five stages to be crossed before a man decides to go for suicide.
Denial -> Anger -> Rebellion -> Depression ->Suicide.
I could relate suicide to quitting and form a good analogy with the corporate life. (I am nearing my suicidal state)
96% of the people preferred not to know their death date in a survey. When I heard that a weird thought sparked of my mind. Why not fix up a date when we feel desolate and physically weak and die on our own accord. May be we can fix that well in advance so that we can celebrate death days as we do for birthdays.

Few quotes from the movie.
“You can run but cannot hide ”
“We live to die another day”
“Two questions god will ask at the gates of heaven and hell..How did you find joy in your life ? How your life bought joy to others ?”

“I am not proud of everything I did !!” (Of course we arent and we need to accept it dude!!)

“You arent everyone ” followed by “Everyone is everyone” I would rather put it “Everyone is someone”

I saw this movie in a fine sunday morning and had a good start to the week.Here I am resuming by blogging after more than a month.I am sure there are few more posts pending for today.

The Bucket List – Must watch and makes it in to the feel good list.


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