Wanted a Companion for Peerless Inc!!

In few days Peerless Inc is going to unleash a new lease of life. Plans and dreams are big @Peerless Inc .. as always.

Peerless Inc.. is recruting tooo..!!

Guys and gals (Will be prefered 🙂 )  who are willing to work in bringing up the start up and sustain its growth can directly contact our CEO at peerlessdeepaks@gmail.com

You should be above twenty years of age and must have some prior experience in moaning about the ambience around (Where ever you are!)

You should be excited about making and masking bits and bytes (Programming…. Linux is prefered ..A strong no to high level pompous application programmers)

You should be a movie freak (You should know to enjoy even a dirty crap from Maddy  )

The primary responsibility of the role is to listen to whatever we people at Peerless Inc got to say! Additionally you must be prepared to speak a lot when we become silent (Very crucial since it determines the performance of the company!) .

The applicant must be able to debug human systems which are affected by mental and physical strains.

Rewards are among the best in the world –> You get instant access the utopian world of the Peerless Inc. and all of the above services will be reciprocated to the employee too (Our moto is TRULY employee first  ….HCL guys laugh please:::).

So what are you waiting for???Join the peerless inc and shape my career!!!

In case if you are from opposite sex and interested in applying for the permanent employee state (you get 50% stake in peerless Inc ) ..

“Please wait for few more years .We are not open to the market yet.May be depending on your interest ,performance and our situation we may decide to make that call at any time but not now”

PS:Woke up tired in the morning…yet another debugging dream forgot what it was ..Didnt have heart to wake up with that.So slept again and made another dream where i had lot of pending works…(So I woke up to do them) .Looked tired but made a bold move to wake up and have some fun(Compiled and installed bochs..but didnt explore it)

Today its holiday to my regular morning sessions and hence you find the above crap..


5 Responses to Wanted a Companion for Peerless Inc!!

  1. Ashok says:

    A strong no to high level pompous application programmers ????

    With out them u cant have a blog like this!

  2. peerlessdeepak says:

    I am recruting for peerless inc da…they will intimidate me with their capabilities 🙂
    But i feel its not bad time to find the soul mate and the need for it…I dont necessarily mean the spousal relationship but we need some one to hear and speak!

    What do you say?

  3. Ashok says:

    Gotta to find it 🙂 Even now most of the time our wallets are empty 🙂

  4. peerlessdeepak says:

    As i told you i got intimidated by the application programming … 😦

  5. peerlessdeepak says:

    Well since no candidates turned up peerless decided to fork himself and use the child as for the master …

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