I am ready

I have just begin to look at system calls and kernel. I want to sing the below lines from pilfered from Bryan Adams to my sweet heart,

I’d like to see ya – thought I’d let ya know
I wanna be with ya everyday
Cause I got a feelin’ that’s beginning to grow
And there’s only one thing I wanna say

I’m Ready – To Love (Understand)Ya
I’m Ready – To Hold(Compile) Ya
I’m Ready – To Love (Code)Ya
I’m Ready – To Hold(Maintain) Ya
Ready as – I’m gonna be  (Mad about you!)

One more instance of idiocrasy ,

Ive been down – Ive been beat
Ive been so tired-that I could not speak
Ive been so lost thatt I could not see
I wanted things that were out of reach
Then I found you and you helped me through
And ya showed me what to do
And thats why Im comin back to you…

Like a star that guides a ship across the ocean
Thats how your love will take me home back to you
And if I wish upon that star – someday Ill be where you are
I know that day is coming soon – ya, Im coming back to you.
Youve been alone, but ya did not show it
Youve been in pain, but did not know it
Let me do what I needed to – you were there when I needed you
Mighta let you down, mighta messed you round
But ya never changed your point of view
And thats why Im comin back to you…

Im coming back to you
Im coming back to you
Im coming back to you
That day is coming soon

Im coming back to you


People say dont compare !! But that just applies to people alone. When you make a analogy between software and life both can improve a lot. Often our life crashes when we try to reach something out of our reach(SEGMENTATION FAULT!!)  We should not let it crash by writing appropriate error handlers 🙂 …SOunds simple?? Naught thats just a sample of what it can provide.

Well!! the reason for the analogy series with love songs is there is no  other way for me to feel the songs:(!

Todays dream: I was performing some commands in linux which was reported to give more details in another guys console…With an eager to see how and what it is I woke up to see this beautiful world today!

Thats it …I am ready for the day..to love you my love!!!


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