Reveries for a noble cause

Our mind is a big mystery,for we doesnt know or have control over it at time. Once again my ego boosted a bit when I found this article on lucid dreaming.  I have also used the same techniques to simulate all my victories and losses. Main purport of my dreams were to bake me up for the day ahead. Almost at all the times I wake up because something will be pending at the dream and when it reaches the threshold I will decide to wake and complete it.

Thats how i completed umpteen wordlists.All thats old story.The technique could backfire too. When my going was tough in the last two months , the dreams exacerbated the situation. I had replications of the days events in dreams which created one more bad day. All i needed was one good dream to wake up from the sleep of miseries. I tried in hell a lot of ways to get out of the maze.

I didnt give up the desire but stopped trying for a while.Two day back I got the perfect dream and now I am making my days.When simulation good remove all our bugs in our software,why not try the same for our personality.

Again I am going to use my favourite analogy, when you are afraid that your date will go amiss,why dont you simulate it your dreams and get it debugged. And one more advantage also lies here. When we miss something in reality we could catch them in virtuality (OOPS dont get in to this virtual reality for 24 hours a day!) .

I have unofficially used this mind hacking technique and when I found it on phrack i could stop my ego blistering.In days to come I should work on suppressing the negative effects and the most vaunted module of porting the brain from pessimistic space to optimistic space should be coded.

Virtual Reality~~~    Today I joined twitter… Though I have seen Robert Love using it I joined it only after seeing Froward having it. MORAL: ????

So when i release this mindware people can share their dreams in their tweets and jaikus.

My Todays Dream: One of the fds registered in poll returned and the interupt handler made me awake


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