Butterfly Effect…..

Shit!!! Thats all I have to say when I think about my current way of life. All my recent blogs are out of frustrations and nothing has gone right. I am ruined by all the TPICs.

Only good news is that I might be visiting MIT and HARVARD in a week or two.

Here it starts!! Peerless Deepak 2014 from university of ??? Irvine.

Its Feb 14 2014!!

When the whole world is celebrating the cupid festival myself and froward where still working on applying a patch to the tinyOS. It took us three long weeks to identify the problem was with the schedulers and it was Love who suggested us to use his preemptive model for TinyOS too… By doing so we will have the benefit of transfering the most sensitive data first to our base station.

Once this is done and tested the application (BodyNest – A project to monitor various health paramters ) must be miles better than how it was.

It was 6:00 AM when we slept in the morning. The subsequent day we had a poster presentation in SENSYS 08. So we started preparing for it. Thanks to Knuth ,Latex makes our work much easier and we were ready with our posters by 11:00 AM .

Meanwhile i had my operating systems lecture group by 2:00 PM. I havent noticed it till 1:00 PM ..


I failed at posting this entry..Just now when i was about to give publish my connection was down and I missed more than half of my write up..anyway making it up in the hope of completing it in 2014:)


One Response to Butterfly Effect…..

  1. Ashok says:

    Completing in 2014 ? I had a talk with my old pal .. Form him ,

    All the Guys who did MS with him or mostly had average around 28 some even did around in 30s . So we have time time time time time time time time

    He’s looking hard to get a job since he was a fresher

    He’s working in restaurant and billed 5.78pounds per hour. Which means a basic worker getting our years salary in just one month .

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