THis is also a pretty old post almost typed during Jan 5 @

It one and time for lunch.This posts purport is to take a snap of the thoughts running in my mind.I turned to be a very different guy from what I had been a year ago. I have lost the respect and passion I had for my job. (If its totally junk I must atleast dispose it fastly..neither that happens..).

But there is no fun with work…I am indifferent towards it.Whether I make a bug or fix one my heart remains emotion less.No sense of satisfaction;talk least about pride.

But I got to learn a lot here before I call it a quit;The day when I make things around me fucking easy and when I am done with my module I of CS GRE ,I am going to call it a day.

I am not in a mood to lunch and hence i blogging ;This indifference is nothing new to me ..I have weared the same escape mask during my college days to ratiocinate my low scores and my inability to read and work hard; Boss stop this nonsense..Dont ever say that as my inability…If I had got one good reason to study I would have crammed them up!! Sounds true 🙂

Now I got plenty of reasons to study but time bogs me down…A big blow in GRE couldnt stop me in my way; Of course it took a week to recover but I am not going to stop this voyage.Its on planned tracks.Lucky to have Ashok alias Froward with me !!!

Life has got plenty to offer but I am eclectic and hence sacrificing a lot of what I could do at these days. I am looking for the days when I could resume my 29 C travel.

I am also moving closer to reality these days.The secret of sucess is breaking traditions and at the same time following the same. The one who winnows which to break and which to take is the man near to success. Luckily success means different to me than others of my age. I am losing out on the social front but couldnt offer to care for it now.

Thats it my mind is point blank now….If you have read to this extent then pat yourself on your back on behalf of myself…I will break for lunch at 2 PM


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