Cheeni Kum – Sweeter than the name

 OOPS pretty old blog!

I neither knew hindi nor fond of amitabh;but ever since I heard about this movie I have longed  to see it. Inadvertently it came to me via my movie consultant Ananth at an expedient time.

Hope none of you would have seen or have any desire to see this movie, hence I am going to unveil its plot now to write a testimonial to it.Its all about a senile but young chef who is just 64:). He boasts himself to be the most eligible bachelor to himself. He runs the “Londons finest Indian resteraunt ” and his life tastes sweet as he happens to meet Tandri Khabab alias Tabu through a tiff (So its not a different love story…Its a normal love story without even an iota change in spirits …). The first half is relatively slower than its latter part but its spreed with humour and all the characters make their bases well in it.

I couldnt easily resort to one between Ghazbuzz and tandrikhabab when it comes to the question of the best actor in the movie. While it was a close to reality portrayal of a froward old man by the BigB, Tabu steals us with her matured acting. This movie is handled the confession of love very well. I have always wondered how one can boldly express it to the person in question. Of course the fear of failure is with all of us and it attains its zenith at this situation. I liked the way in which both the parties approached each other.


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