Here comes the sun!

Well I never wanted to waste time by blogging this morning …So only 7 minutes to record my thoughts today.

61C is a kind of dream classroom.The techniques he uses in the classroom to root the basics is astounding. I have been said to do C programming for the past 2 years or so but its only in those classes i had the courage to find my ignorance.

There is a lot to write about; I am just releived from the second great depression of my life. I got to preserve my goals and dreams and must not let them drift in the ocean of banals.

No more trips to such anarchies…I havent been to toastmasters or James classes for more than two months —– atrocious !!

Yesterday i had downloaded linux 0.0.1 because i am a prettyoldnaivebeeprettyoldnaivebee .. Its amazing to see that piece because i could understand it all.

Well 2.6 is also amazing because all that was abstruse to me. In a month from now I have planned to trace the growth of linux. My purport in going behind it is in a hope of getting invite for :)I am now depressed for a good reason bcoz..i thought schedulers should take lot of home work to write and its the job of scientists. But I got a new ray of hope on seeing that this guy wrote
the preemption code when he .was at school

Well time s up and the sun has come for the day and light has come back in to my life.


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