Corporate chemistry

I am going to explore more on this in coming days.. Of course there is a strong filter for entries..

Below is a copy paste of a good blog.

Good one leads to progress: individual’s, organisation’s and of the society.
Bad one leads to progress only of the corrupt, immediate boss (the one above u or whoever is playing such a dirty joke)
Means and ways to play are same for both:
1. Divide and rule
2. arousing fear and insecurity
3. not letting unity build
4. keeping the professionals at the lower rung seperate from the higher ones (or keeping authentic ppl with integrity away from one another)

All these above tactics can be used to bring about more unity, better sensitivity gud interpersonal relations when under control (for positive)
Unfortunalty, these are widely used for the wrong reasons of fullfilling envious ppl who themselves may not be ambitious enuf so not allowing others to be and grow.

Question is: What to do in such a situation? Be a shark with the sharks?
Or stay ur ground and stnd up for oneself? And not confirm if ur values dont allow?
If u dont, u r going to be alone, by urself, with ur values and principles and progressive thoughts….If u do confirm to the sharks, then u compromise with ur own goals, somehow.

So, what then….
1. Be positive
2. Out smart them (side-step them)
3. be nice to everyone, respect them (coz even a jerk wants respect)
4. Do the right thing, at the right time
5. Stay ur ground, stand up for urself….in a polite manner
6. in the short term, u may find it difficult. But in the long run, u will benefit
7. let me tell, tht such ppl are more of losers, in the long run
8. Dont (never) compromise on ur health
To my experience, due to these kind of politics, I have left such ppl….. behind me….moved ahead…..and burned those so called bridges.


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