Am I losing myself?

The fact that there is no entries in this blog says a lot on my current mental state. For the past three months I am almost working non stop without even a single days break. Looking back at the recent 20 days I am much worried because slowly I am loosing all my virtues.

I have worked hard to build certain habits and all it takes just a day or two to discontinue it. Though I am against overworking (That too in a shabby way…) but kept going with it for a reason.But now the reason become NULL and hit a segmentation fault.

The most difficult phase of your life is the one when you feel like your dreams are drifting apart. Though mine is bit difficult to pull my way totally it cant be ruled out.I want to record certain important phenomenons of life.

Every one of us is behind something.. may it be  a girl or a goal..we cant put our brains at work if we dont feel like progressing towards it. That feeling doesnt come just like that. W e need to work for in case of a girl we try to woo her by doing all the odd things;the same applies to goals also.

Here are the things I have lost in the recent past,

1.My morning sessions

2.My late night sessions with my sweetheart (My computer) (OOPS she is unattended for a long time…She is very ill too…)



5.Word Hunts

6.Mails with froward (Its the driving source for both of us to keep the momentum going on)

7. Nowadays I dont disturb any of my friends with messages (This is the only good habit in the list)

8. My GRE classes

9.Movies (I lost all my vicarious feelings like a hero..)

I slowly lost one by one because of a remote chance of making money for my applications and to help my work.But now time has come to change..I cant lose all this completely.Its time to recover all them.Without those fuels I cant keep running and thats already apparent at the way I am working .

I want to do something before the question turns out to whether I have lost myself?


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