The Departed

Despite my anathema for action movies,this flick found way to my collection because of its great elan and making.

Though Ananth used to apprise about Martin Scorces and his mob movies,I never found it interesting except this flick.Let me take you through my jaunt with this movie.

The very first opening words in the background corroborates that its going to be yet another gangster movie;however the difference here is instead of Robert-de-Nero who have the indulgent Jack Nicholson dressed up for the don role.

The movie starts with a voice over in the streets of Boston,

“I dont want to be a product of environment;I wanted it to be a product of mine”.

Yet another one saying that,” when the Irish men didn’t like something we had churches and twenty years later that when the Irish men didn’t like churches we had presidency” .

So that words perfectly expostulates the environment formula Costello was referring to in his earlier sentences.

Be it a mob or a military training or a camp for the terrorists , you will have a person motivating the whole gang towards the mission. Here too the preparations begins long before the story is set. Costello the under world don prepares his rat in to the state police .

He makes the journey seem legitimate to the altar boy by saying that there is no difference between a cop or criminal when he faces a loded gun. Also the motivation is visible in his words,”When you wanted to be something you can always be it”. So here grows fin in to the Maschuttes state police.

The film ……


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