Dash corner goes online -DC -0050

I have always wanted to do atleast one dash corner a day from the day i named it so. That was primarily to realize and put forth the truth behind the Peerless Incs philosophy “SMALL IS BIG”. But sadly I have hardly did 30 dash corners in the last 180 days.

My GRE is fast approaching and it needs at least 50 more dash corners to make me prepared for the D-DAY. So starting today I have decided to use this space instead of just a word file;This move should create a sense of responsiblity.

And I need to count 50;So lets start the count upside down.

Method:Read an article …Summarise it… Discuss it.

Thinking beyond Annapolis: (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/24/opinion/24sat1.html?_r=1&oref=slogin)

A high level conference to address Isralei-Palestaninan is planned at Annapolis next week as a result of the efforts taken by Bush-Rice.America doesnt have full support from the arab world for the effort.Even though the Arab leaders lack confidence on Americas capability to solve the issue,they are inclined to the meet looking for a implausible settlement.The conference should aim to document the agenda and the time frame for the coming years.For this to happen Bush administration should  come up with a post-conference strategy.


Now peerless dashes with ???? (Since no one else is there is peerless Vs Savant)

Savant is a student of peerless gearing up for the GRE!

Peerless : First whats the primary purpose of the passage?

Savant: Primary purpose..uh ah it should be in the first paragrapah.. Its about the Annapolis conference

Peerless: Good..But in your GRE all the five choices would be something about it.

Savant:The passage analyses the difficulty America has been facing to put the show up…But the opening and the conclusion is more concerned about what has to be done in and after the conference.So I would say the purpose of the passage was to elaborate what has to be  done in effects of the conference.

Okay Savant thats evident in the title of the speech.Thats enough for the day. Read it aloud once and complete the dash . Its time for quants.


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