Peerless after Diwali

I would love to write on my on sweetest journey to and from home,but I guess that I wont find time for it. Diwali was so different this year since I never felt as if that day was meant to be Diwali. I remember when I was young we use to count down to the day atleast from  a month. When I grew a bit (Higher Secondary or so  ) TV become the main attention apart from crackers;I used to have a schedule for the best shows and movies and will catch up with all the bests.While at college I dont remember exactly how I approached it. Atleast last year I had did some shopping but this year its just a day OFF… thats it! No more fascinations..expectations..No more !!

I think there are two categories of people… the kids who enjoy themselves and the elder generations who become elated to see and keep their younger ones excited. I am in between the two and hence it seems to be a  NIL feelings Diwali.

Else that might be because of my excessive concentration to fast approaching GRE. Any how I am not for just marking a day and making people get lot of debts for it.

After Diwali I had hard time with my systems.So I should I ensure

back ups within this week. My day at work seems to be fastened ; I love it in a way unless it disturbs my GRE.Froward has come close to embedded ..Thats happy news since he will excavate lot of things for me.

I have stopped critical reading and WSN threads till GRE. Tests with Jaypee are serving good. Would like to continue it till exams and make a difference in the tests.Today I am going to office early to finish the frame work and get things going.

Atlast I will have some hands on experience in IPC’s mutex,sockets…..boooh uhhhh Deepak gets in to embedded


6 Responses to Peerless after Diwali

  1. avaran says:


    well, no clue about GRE or froward, so It shud suffice to say I ddin get most of the post!

  2. peerlessdeepak says:

    So avaran you knew what WSN is??
    froward is one of my friends nickname and GRE is graduate Record exam

  3. peerlessdeepak says:

    I took the back up today!!!

  4. avaran says:

    okay… well, what IS WSN???

  5. peerlessdeepak says:

    its wireless sensor networks..avaran how did you get in to my blogs..?

  6. peerlessdeepak says:

    I am yet to go back to home……. its going to be three months now! I havent done anything useful in the mean time too

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