Chemistry behind love/lust

Uh ahh ! I am yet to recuperate from the impairments of rain. WSN is going good;Geek is catching up;Savant is bit sluggish.I have misplaced my task checker somewhere,My room is very untidy. I missed to do RC’s yesterday.Diwali is nearing.All this will be of no interest to you but whats going to succeed will have no relation with this prologue.

Warning:If this content looks like a taboo then either you must be a child or still wanting to be a child!:) Hence its strictly for all homosapiens who wanted to understand their intricate make.

Its so natural for us to feel attracted and demand attraction by/from the opposite sex. Many at times I have wondered why there should be two different versions of the same species and what increased my curiosity is that the opposite species combined well than the similar ones. You could have observed this at school,college at work.So the word “good chemistry” is often a synonym for male-female relationship.But all those relationships are not of the same kind,every chemistry is made of different chemical components..Isn’t? Some look cute and we even admire it…. What a pair?? Most others make us feel as if they are doing some shit out there???:(.. All this depends on our attitude which rightly produces the chemical components involved in this chemical reaction.

I reproduce here-the different kinds of chemistry from my knowledge repository.

1.Tear OFF chemistry:

This is completely based on our visceral instincts and almost has nothing to do with the thoughts. When you see a ravishing beauty (the definition depends on individuals) you just feel like tearing off his/her raiments (I have purposefully used this abstruse word for you to either find/fill the meaning in this context:)) to get forward to the job.

Once its done the chemistry is also OFF.But its due to return within a day or two. This kind of chemical combinations doesnt last longer unless it transmutes itself to some other type.

2.We are comfortable

This is your first meet with each other;but you find him very amicable as if you can even complete your project five days before the deadline if he works with you.

This is comfort chemistry-which binds both of you in to a single unit;two becomes one.Both of your thoughts are made to stroll in the same road.Without your witting you might have changed some character of yours to be in line with her.

This chemical reaction is set to go unless you undercover the difference between the two.

3.Differential Chemistry

When it comes to philosophy they say like minded go together but when it comes to physiology the fact (atleast for the most people in the world) its the differences which attracts each other.

Thats paradoxical!Hence here comes a chemistry which truly stands to the pithy saying “Opposite attracts”. This is the science of complementation where one looks for a soul which can fill the hiatus within them. For example a carnatic singer gets completes her chemistry with a jazz musician.

I am sure you must be one in thousand to accept and be influenced by this type. But once you get inured to it i will place you in the empyreal list of lovers.

4.You are like me chemistry

This complies to the adage “Like minds attract!”. People in this kind of reaction feel that as if a part of them has dispatched from them and stands as an alter ego in front of them.Rarely they cannot be affectionate towards them.

This type of reaction is also prone to break when the differences are discovered.

5.No reason chemistry.

This is the most predominant type among chemical reactions.You laugh,cry ,fight and celebrate with each other for no reason. At the initial stages of the reaction you feel the necessity to react but doesnt know whats the reason behind it. In certain other cases the chemicals in question just start reacting only because they are placed close to each other.

would certainly rate you as an idiot if you are trying to find reasons behind such human reactions. If you are not an athiest unlike me, let the myth to be owned by THE GOD.

Else have it as yet another unsolved mystery.

So please dont try to excavate the reason because you can not withstand the fact that actually there is no reason behind it.



6 Responses to Chemistry behind love/lust

  1. Ashok says:

    I Belongs to the 5th type 🙂

  2. peerlessdeepak says:

    oops…phew …As i said god alone can help you… Common man..

  3. Ashok says:

    I rescued myself… My JVM brought me Back 🙂

  4. peerlessdeepak says:

    Its not wrong to be in that state …of course it is one state which keeps all the process alive in this world..But what matters is the timing and the person

  5. Sara Bareilles – Love Song

    Sara Bareilles – Love Song

  6. KM BUBESH says:

    no chemical reaction till no da

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