Ruined and rankled by rain

Here I am in the verge of disappointment missing both toastmasters and the Grandpa classes;i am completely disgruntled.Just now Ananth rang me from there.His enthusiastic voice tells me that I have missed something.

It all happened this way.. I should have not opted to go in bike… though my shirts were protected by rain coats rain drenched my pants completely. This has so far been a very bad week end for me. Didnt attend yesterdays evening class..The morning class did not have good involvement too.. I didnt do any of my uphill tasks except a mock test which was very omnious.

But still I have atleast 10 more hours for the week to end and I should make it a good one.

I should ensure that I have to carry with me a pant and T-Shirt atleast to tackle such situations. No one never knew how bad I am feeling to be a looser like this. This is where i suck.

But I must not end this day as a looser.I should feel like a winning horse.

Just got a call from DAD…Am i becoming effusive for such things..i dont know the answer but have to get used to such situations..They are termed as experience. TOday it can be condoned but when I get to some big chairs I cant take off just like this.

Anyway I have plans for rest of the day and completing it should make me feel back like a winning dog.

Last but not least my advise to anyone who reads this blog on how to prepare for a rainy day,

1.Prefer buses over bike when it rains.

2.Even a rain coat wont help when you ride in a bike.

3.Have a good baggage which contains one extra piece of all your clothing.

4.Dont use shoes (That too in chennai roads… If its very indispensable pack that too in a cover. )

I say this out of my own experience..I should get a big bag in my next shopping. I am feeling really very bad…


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