Scientifically that might be empiric ! But where do we get our energy! At times we are at the peak of our ability and just within minutes it gets tumbles down.

Do i need to refer a scientist or psychiatrist to know the intricacies of this energy flow. Yesterday evening I thought of compensating for the misses session this week and decided to leave office early around   five thirty.

It was six when I reached my room;the sun was still shining (Something which we very rarely get to see in a life…Dear fellow s/w muggies can your buy a beautiful evening with the dollars you earn???) .

But since I had woken bit earlier in morning I felt drowsy and the paltry lunch too added to it. I decided to have a walk up to my coffee shop;but changed the plans to anandha Bhavan muzzling the penchant to go to the grand snacks in order to save time and some good money.

I had a good pre-dinner (One-sweet poli and Adhai aviyal) . Its been very long since I had outing in this part of the day. As usual I loved things around. I could spot lot of grandies partying with their little grand children. Few married young couples. Couple of young ladies . Every one had some chat and topic to chew on! I was the only one alone ..But guess I might be the one who spoke more than them.

Suddenly I am beginning to yearn for relationships. Every one seems very valuable to me. For a guy of my nature I never thought I would feel this way. But something is turning my minds. Later in the night I found that it might be because of Charles Dickens.

Back to the sweet corner- I walked up to the room and thought of reading Stephen Hawkings. Words..Tutor..Lot of tasks were in pending state.But I seemed to dog-tired and it seemed it wont be efficient to invest this time on studies If i dont make me amicable for it.

So I decided to break for a 20 minutes to get some energy! OOPS 20 minutes gone..still not invigorated! What to do/?? I badly need energy to complete the hell lot of pending tasks. Its easy to leave them incomplete but my heart says not to do it.

I decided to take up yet another walk to collect the clothes I gave for ironing this morning (They have increased their cost by 25%).It doesnt seem wise to use them any more.But I am left with no options for the next two months until i finish the exams.

Still I didnt get in to my usual energetic mood. Anyway I decided not to give it up and completed the remaining words for the day. I found some words to be fucking easy (Thats how I want my to make my current job before throwing it away!) .

And with all that satisfaction I decided to break for a while.Switched on the TV.. I am damn tired man..Am i making a mistake by extending myself too much?>??

Then came a knock at the door and it was JP the guy whio signed MOU with me ! Then things got a turn around. Even though I didnt get to my peak I was in a position where i could do some casual reading. I took Charles Dickens and I was engrossed in it. Some how the book and the presence of JP invigorated me and slowly I recuperated.. Seeing my condition at 7 I thought it should be in bed early at 9-10 today.

But I was able to hold on longer than my average. I took one more break around eight for a coffee.met my old colleague Bala at Hot chips and had some good time there.

Just now I was thinking more about people and relationships and this meet intensified my thoughts.If Idyosyncrasy could read this blog he could understand the lines I said to him over phone that night (he is still in his own tinsel world!)

I am longing for the relationships. I have hated them so far because of the false nature they have exposed to me.But when we place ourself at a distance you can feel how really you miss them.

I sweared I should turn more gregarious after my GRE exams.E is not equal to mc(Square) but it depends on the number of good souls who cares for you in this earth.

My E=my thoughts —which in turn depends on ??? If I find that out I will be the master of the world.Thank god I got some energy now..can get back to work.


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