Time for action

Almost its been a year since I decided that I should have a graduate education. It took me nearly six months to understand what is required to make it there and my battle with GRE is going strong.(Shouldnt have postponed the exam but it helps!)

Now I am embarrassed when I am not able to justify my interests. No longer I can just vaguely describe embedded systems as my field of interest. I need to find myshore in the embedded sea. If I dont start my sail towards it there is every danger of being lost and giving up the sail.

So I have decided now to restrict myself to one topic and start working on it. I have been wandering in all possible areas under embedded systems and everything fascinated me. Real time systems was my choice by instinct. But lets stop that instinct business and be pragmatic in this selection.

I always postponed the selection to a future time where I could have learned enough about all to select one. But if I am able to do that by that time I should have had by PhD too..:)

An awakening had come now and my instinct says its now or never.

So I am going to have a try in 3 different field in the next three months. I have every right to stop this trials at any point of time when I gain confidence and envisage a good prospect in any of them.

So here comes a new employee under GEEKs operations.MR.Scintilla.

My first choice is Wireless Sensor Networks.I am going to examine TinyOS and related stuff and I will document each and every move of mine.I made this choice because I could justify it with my work experience and at the same time it comes under the purview of my instincts.


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