Tussle between the aim and dream!

Its raining out heavily and the climate is conducive to switch of the lights and to get wrapped in the blankets. But I have revamped my reformer just three days ago and I dont want to get any black marks in my task checker.

Already I have been here for almost two hours and did none of the regular activities. Since i felt lazy at 7:50 I danced for yuvan shankar raja’s tunes .. When I started blogging KR wanted to cook something today. So I have done something useful..Ya fought with the Dosa pan..We had three side dishes.. Thanks to the dexerity of KR…He didntĀ  put ginger in onion chutney…I didnt wanna try that curd mix for Dosa(We are all having a great amount of inertia….:)??)

My inertia to get in to the study session is broken and so AIM has won the dream!!


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