Good Will Hunting




“Some people can never believe in themselves, until someone believes in them”


I had this dvd for nearly an year,watched it about two times without understanding what it is all about. I had affection for the movie because it starts with a class in M.I.T and I wanted the entire movie to be shot in the classrooms.


So I was very disappointed when Robin Williams and Matt Damon were just gibbering for almost half the length of the movie. One good day I took pains to hear what their altercation was about. Robin Williams was simply mesmerizing with his definition of loss and the ratiocination for love. Only then I threw away my university label to the movie and started enjoying the movie.


I don’t want to waste words on its plot,hence below is copy paste

“A janitor at MIT, Will Hunting has a gift for maths that can take him light-years beyond his blue-collar roots, but to achieve his dream he must turn his back on the neighborhood and his best friend. To complicate matters, two strangers enter the equation: a washed-up shrink who starts to coach Will through his transformation, and a med student who shows him that there can be a pretty face along with his life of the mind”


The movie begins in the auspicious M.I.T tech, with Prof.Lambaeu giving opening a gauntlet to his students. He also adds that solving it before the end of the semester will take them to pride.To everyone’s surprise the problem is solved but the new problem is the anonymity of the person who solved the problem.(It seems Indian’s are the brainy people ..Prof Lambeau displays increased suspicion when he questions an Indian student!! )


Lambeau unveils the secret by accident and finds it to be a janitor. Though he was shocked he wastes no time and rushes to find his details;only to find him charged in a court. Professor brings the prodigy –Will Hunting with him on a condition that he will make him meet therapist and assist his research work. Here we some beautiful scenes,the one where they prove a theorem just striking the letters on the board one after another appears to be a good sport rather than a movie.(Elites!!–>>

We can never even think of such things to happen even in dream in our college!).


When one condition worked out well the other didn’t work out to Lambaeu’ will. He had to find too many number of therapists until he walks up to Sean- Robin Williams in a grave character.From then he shoulders the entire movie showering nuggets then there.


Meanwhile the scamps meet a girl in a bar and WILL seems to be attracted towards here. She is a med student in Harvard and the bar scene in which WILL stands against plagiarism is a vitriolic dose to who does that.In fact I sweared not to boast what I read from booksJ.Time to utter some words on their romance.

Both were impressed of each other on their first sight but its skylar who explicitly expresses it. How dare she calls a genius as an idiot??

She says , “You must be an idiot to not know that I have been waiting for you to come up to me for the past 45 minutes “,

Great! She has finished it in forty five minutes but for many of us we end up in a dead lock with both waiting for each other.


Her raillery after their first kiss gives us some insight in to her way of thinking.

Have you noticed, she was always shown to read some books regarding sex whenever she is in her study room .(Nanoom oru high class porn book download panna poran pa….)

Their relationship progress as Robin Williams has actuated the boys feelings with his own love story.

“Do you know how happy you feel waking up next to a girl,having a complete satisfaction (Guys this is moral satisfaction…)”,(May those who have done that please comment on it.) That too with a girl who farts loud enough to disturb her own sleepJ


To me it’s the place where the girls flash their code in to the boys mind ;so that the boys act accordingly the next day morning.

Jokes apart-Those conversation intends to bring out the value in a relationship.


My favourite lines were “Loss occurs when you love something more than yourself”.

From there the entire movie rides on their conversation. We visualize the change within the boy and how he becomes submissive to his master.


Robin Williams is brilliant in his timing especially when he says “Don’t quote Shakespeare for your love and I cant know everything about you from Oliver Twist”

Will is shown to solve some very intricate problems at ease.Lambeau takes him to the top offices to get him the best jobs in the world.


I will give you a treat in Capri if you can transcribe the three minute dialogue that will utters as the reason to his job interview. Its time for Skylar (Will oda allu mamu) to move to California. She wants will to come with her. Lambeau wants will to solve the mysteries of maths.


But whats up in Wills mind? Robin Williams makes the guy run around the girl. Will claims that solving those problems was fucking easy for him (But fucking a girl doesn’t seem to be so for him J??).


At the end WILL hunts for relationship and decides to go to Skylar.


It deserves an entry in my classicals list.Matt damons accurate acting and Robins matured portrayal adds beauty to each and every scene.

But it was never explained how WILL managed to study all under the sun.

Robin Williams one dialogue has simply changed the forward in to an amicable lover.

“I ask you a simple question and you will stumble..

And that simple question is what you want to do in life”.


Well Will went after a girl.. so the movie grossed well.. If you go after one now.. You must be an idiot..


Extension:” It was not your fault ” , is one of the notable words in the film. I came through the same words in this lady’s confession.

Child abuse – Have you ever faced it ? Have you ever noticed it happening some where ? Have you ever inclined to do one? In all the cases I say “It was not your fault” Sounds ridiculuos.. If so open up for discussions/


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