A nonsense adventure-true to the name !

I couldnt have made things worse than this; What promised to be a promising turned out to be one of the foolish days in the diaries of peerless. It all started when I planned for the week end. I thought of chilling in a movie before toastmasters this sunday. I decided to go all alone to license to wed , but when I tried to book the ticket the system stymied me saying that only even number of tickets can be booked.

I had broadcasted the request to few of my friends idyocyncrasy,froward… Idysyncrasy was the first and the only one to respond. He wanted me to book for satham podathey, but I elaborated him that Moser baer will soon let that out since its from pyramid samira. He too concorded with that consent,In the sea of happiness I performed all the clicks as quick as a flash only to land   in a quagmire.

It was only when the confirming mail from the site came, I observed that I have booked tickets for todays evening show instead of Sunday! OOPS 200 Rs(After that cross talk about how people spend even 5 Rs meticulously) I cant be happy with that clumsy deportment.I rang their call centre and they wanted me to come there in person to return the tickets. I rang all my friends who were based near sathyam but nothing helped.

When I pinged my team mate he asked me “When is that and whats the movie about” that showered his reluctance. So i decided to go all alone and use atleast one ticket.The show was scheduled at 7:30.

I am in amb-5 ;already my total working hours is below average this week and I had to save some for toastmasters this friday.So i decided to start by 6:30. I know I that I am up to some nonsense thing in life. Something which I shouldnt have done,Something which spells how extravagant I am! But inspite of all that I decided to take up the challenge.

I thought I could take 27 L and then 29C straight from office;oops there was no money in my purse. So i decided to check in the room and it was 6:34 when I swiped my attendance marked for out.

My plan was to reach there my 7:45


Bus again at 7:05-7:15

Gemini 7:40-7:50

sathyam 7:45-8:00

A line up of buses displaying all the possible route numbers went up when I was in the other side of the road. But when I crossed the road I was made to wait for 2 minutes, and it was almost 7:00 when i dropped myself in the tirumangalam. Every minute and each decision was crucial by now. I decided i should walk fast and should be out of my room by 7:05.

I did that ,I hastened to my room in my 2 minutes three head of my average time(isnt it awesome??).Ensured that i had my tickets,pulled some money from JPS treasury (ATM would take 2-5 minutes to save that),Got myself cool with a nice T-shirt,stepped in and out at almost the same time. By 7:08 I was in 12 th Main road bus stop. By now I know its impossible to reach the cinema by 7:30 yet i wanted to make this travel to know the value of money and time(Dont classify it as stupid…though it was for a stupid purpose the journey was damn good..) I was made to wait for about 3 minutes and by around 7:15 I got a share auto to Gemini.

I estimated that in the six signals ahead we would spend atleast 3 minutes waiting for the green and it should take atleast 30 minutes in the best case and 45 in the worst case to reach Gemini. Meanwhile I enjoyed all that happened around (especially that sizzling talk (That deserves a separate blog)) .Anna Nagar roundtana was crossed at 7:20.

There seemed to be a huge traffic at PM road but fortunately we crossed it at 7:25. Then came the worst stretch NM road. Vehicles appeared to be in a long queue near HCL signal and the movement was bit slow. By 7:30 we were near the railway station signal. Though there was a green signal the driver stopped to fill the seats(Didnt you get the whole philosophy of life here????)

Some how the most congested stretch was crossed by 7:35; We were in to Sterling road and the driver just missed to cross the signal near Chetpet junction and we waited there for 2 minutes. It was 7:40 when the auto plugged in to Haddows road. Capricious and froward were messaging me. Capricious said that he misses me in office and I too felt the same. Its only when we dont have something we reliaze its value. Froward warned that this is not “KKDI”, But i knew that I want myself to be prepared for this nokKDI deal too.Luckily Gemini junction didnt have heavy flow and it was 7:50 when I got down at the stop(Should have travelled bit further and must have got down near the bridge.)

Thanks to google map;I didnt need to ask any one the route to Sathyam.I had estimated 10-15 minutes for this walk. But it was nearer and easier than my estimate. By 8:02 i was in studio-5 (Cheers up! ) .But embarrassingly I discovered that I have booked couples seat and I was alone amidst the adorned couples.(It would have been much worst if I had went there with a boy :)).

Since I knew the story I could connect the movie even i went there at a tardy time.

I had to lie to slushy and skip some calls. Had a nice way back to my room and in four hours i pulled out a nonsense adventure in my life.Froward broached a good argument for the might and I have decided to skip three of my regular sessions with words in coming days.(Froward — So you got your name?? Isnt funny and apt???) Oops I am going beyond the limit bot the word and the time have crossed their boundaries!

License to wed! Shabby but you can laugh and think for a while.


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