Promenade @hcl telecom’07

As soon as the event was announced, I decided to skip it since it fell on a saturday(Who wants such a outing at the expense of my thata classes!! Thata classes has become an argot in my circle).Since the grand daddy also decided to close the doors of wisdon citing Ramzan as the reason, I decided to have a bet on Promenade @13 October.

Having cogitated “Good will Hunting ” the earlier night, I ruined most of my little sleep;making me  dog-tired on the morning itself.Anyhow since I have never been to Mayajaal and the fact that I cant  afford to go in the recent future driven me to continue the  bet on it.I had Gopi with me ,but he is a poor accomplice:). KR had passed an ordeal to the cook to cook some noodles early so that we wont go with empty bowls.

We boarded the bus around 8:30(I was proud that things are going almost as they have planned) .The bus was almost three fourths full;but unfortunately this is the only bus which managed to be full.The slaphappy freshers were rambunctious and did all sorts of senseless things to expand the lips of the scarcely available babes!;I dont understand till why those girls chuckle for all those frivolous things?(Not all but most…I run to top of my anger when girls send this motivating signal to such knockabout activities. )

We were made to wait for no reason in tvmyr(The going to be IT capital of the city! ) .It debased the respect I had, for the organiser’s adherence to schedule.After about half an hour wait we were told to start. There were video recording in the bus,once again rising the barometer levels of my expectation meter.Gopi gave a splendid performance in his video shoot.

We reached the on shore resorts of Mayajaal around 11:00 AM. Its certainly a misnomer since the resort is located  on the other side of the shore:). Certainly the have wasted more bandwidth by sending lot of curtain raisers than the amount they have spent for the event!A paltry welcome drink,namesake chinzy buffet lunch,lack of basic amenities all aggravated my  already jaded soul.

We had some Hawai based carnival games and we were given a hat and a garland(I have collected them for the kids around my home) . The organizers thought those things will

transplant the participants to the fantasy world. I couldnt locate drinking water easily,the scorching sun exasperated the woes. The initial event – sending our prayers to the god through balloons was good. It would have made to one of the best snaps if I had managed to click on the rising balloons-Unfortunately this didnt click my mind at that time.

By this time Madhu and Gopi’s colleague had joined our gang.(Vetti gang!) I urged them to reserve tickets for the movies(My choice was satham podathey!.They had a wavering mind on that and almost refused to book tickets but they were ready for the movie.(I dont understand why we dont think in terms of time….Reserving for a movie is a simple deed but it gives more values for our money !) Of course they could have realised it when some other seniors showed their envy for our comfortable second row seats, forcing us to exchange their second from screen seats. However mayajaal looked like a rohini for the upper class. Sathyam cinemas stand tall when compared with it.I neither enjoyed the theatre nor the Bourne ultimatum(Its difficult to read the last lesson without reading the first two!!).

Anyways we had some time away from the scorching sun and satiated my long desire to explore the much vaunted screens of mayajaal. Its far below from my expectations;I would prefer Spencer for the chillness and Sathyam for the screens than travelling about half a day for this yet to be developed mayajaal.Atleast for now in my life i dont have time and a company and hence a necessity to travel such a long distance. The consolation prize in the colgate quiz will stand in my memory.

When we returned back to the promenade we heard stories of swimming pool and some events were going on. In my the events doesnt fit the motley of crowd;they should have maintained the professional attitude than pandering to such games.We can touch the borders of vulgarity but that too in my view should be done perfectly professional..Isnt??

In each event I tried to  feign happiness but that doesnt last longer than a minute or two; Maybe at college level that to in the freshman year those events would have served the purpose well.Atlast the events have come to an end and we were told that we will end up with prize distribution.

As soon as I saw the lined up gold line awards I knew that I had one , since I had already sneeked through my managers recommendation mail. But surprisingly I was the first one to receive it .My value for the award got even more diluted when all and sundry received it and the supposed motivation behind it.(Even I am not fit to receive it! )

Some how the much awaited end came and all the people were ready to take the bus earlier than the planned time(Makal thirupu magesan thirpu…I leave that to you to decide the quality of the event.) I made sure that i shouldnt waste a day in such shabby events. Of course I should join a world class team and have my way of fun sooner..Gonna run the race for it…!


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