Good Morning! Its simple but

Its simple but the way you utter it subsumes all the quirks in the day!

Though its too much to blog straight after a sleep, I would like to record how important is that moment. Everydeed depends on our thoughts and the first thought of the day has a big impact of the day proceeds and in turn account for the way life .

I usually wake up when something to de done pops up in my dream. Often I have some wordlists,sometimes nightmares about unfinished tasks in offices. Once you have a dream of this kind its hard to get sleep again.So this is helps me a lot in the tussle between to open the eyes or not.

And also its must that you should had enough of REM’s and REM’s ,completing your sleep cycle to have complete visceral satisfaction.When I follow my plans and had installed a habit(synonymous to installing a software in a system!) , its hard to delude the plans.

So your thoughts are serve as a barometer of whether you had a complete sleep !

Its not the quantity but the quality of sleep which serves as a mercury of this barometer.

If barometer points to a propitiate level its time to say good morning to the world and thats what I am doing now skipping my sessions with the words since my microphone has screwed up.
(My earphones has lost a speaker ,,,headphones now…it seems i am still lagging in material management.)

I would like to post as much as possible on books,GRE,movies!!! and my life here!

Deepak start the race with time!


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